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  1. One of the most important things when you own your own business is to protect your assets. In this case this means to implement proper protection for your tools

Why would I need tools in Transit Cover?

You may think that a standard type of vehicle insurance will cover your tools in transit, however this type of cover won’t be sufficient if your vehicle is broken into and either the vehicle itself or the equipment inside is stolen. If you don’t have the correct protection is place it may result in considerable expense if you’re forced to pay out for new tools, not to mention the business you could lose whilst wasting time trying to sort everything out. To stop these catastrophes from happening to your business, have a look at our tools in transit cover which could save you time and money should the worst happen.

Our tools in transit cover can give you the peace of mind you deserve if tools and equipment are lost, damaged or stolen whilst in transit, offering you the benefit of being able to get back up and trading quickly without being left with a big hole in your wallet.

Most commercial insurance policies will not automatically provide cover for goods or tools in the vehicle. Our tools in transit policies can be bought as an addition to existing commercial insurance policies meaning less stress trying to organise too much paperwork!

What types of cover are available?

We have a wide range of tools in transit policies available here at Adelphi, suitable for almost any business because we understand that no two businesses are the same. We can provide you cover for lost, damaged or stolen tools whilst in transport as well as flexible payment schemes and excellent customer service!

You could be covered for all of this under one simple but effective policy so for a quick and instant quote over the phone simply call 01625 562389 today!