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Motor Trade Insurance Experts

Adelphi are recognised by the Insurance industry as Motor Trade Insurance experts. As such we have developed exclusive products to meet the Motor Trade Insurance needs of all segments of the market. Not all businesses are alike and Motor Trade Insurance needs vary dramatically from business to business. That’s why Adelphi offer a full spectrum of Motor Trade Insurance products from Road Risks only, right up to Motor Trade Combined insurance (with a range of products available between)

Many growing Motor Trade business owners may have Road Risks Only Insurance, but may be concerned about their tools at the premises. They may also recognise the need for Public Liability Insurance. At the same time, a fledgling company may not feel a full blown Motor Trade Combined Insurance policy is appropriate. Adelphi have a product to suit every scenario:-

The products listed are accessible as a package and on an individual basis, so a Motor Trade Insurance solution is available at the right price for every business.

Who Needs Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance

Anyone actively running a business within the Motor Trade will require Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance (assuming driving is a requirement of the business).

Choosing your Motor Trade Insurance Broker

Whilst many Insurance Brokers are able to arrange Motor Trade Insurance, a specialist Broker will have access to a wider range of Motor Trade Insurance products. A Motor Trade Insurance specialist will also employ staff with a deep understanding of the Motor Trade Insurance Market.

Wherever you buy your Motor Trade Insurance, your Broker should

1) Confirm that they are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and provide you with key information about their business and the FCA. This includes details of how to make a complaint and how your personal data will be used and stored. Some brokers are now selling your data on to other organisations.

2) Perform a full review of your demands and needs. It is essential that your Broker understands your Motor Trade Insurance needs before he can provide the appropriate advice. He should gather full information about your business activities and the vehicles you drive and who your customers are.

3) Motor Trade Insurance Policies differ slightly in terms of cover, particularly in the area of which vehicles can be driven and under what circumstances. A Motor Trade Insurance specialist will walk you through the features and benefits of the product. Particularly, which vehicles are excluded and which vehicles are subject to restrictions in cover. No Motor Trade Insurance policy covers all vehicles under all circumstances. Unfortunately we do speak to people on a regular basis who are under this misconception. Perhaps a reflection of the quality of their Broker.

In summary, your Motor Trade Insurance Broker should know how you run your business and in turn you should know what you are buying. Good quality advice is essential and the sale should be a Bi-product of receiving such advice.

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